Potential contamination of SINAQUA™ Dermal Gloves (Distributor Switzerland: gd medical AG, manufacturer: WELCARE INDUSTRIES S.p.A.)

01. July 2016

Swissnoso has received several pieces of information that some lots of this product are contaminated with Burkholderia cepacea. These dermal wash gloves may be associated with serious infections. An investigation is ongoing; currently only SINAQUA™ Dermal Gloves without chlorhexidine 2% are involved, pending further investigations.

Swissnoso and SSHH recommend NOT to use SINAQUA™ Dermal Gloves until more information is available to ensure patient safety.

We will keep you updated and expect further information in about 2 weeks.

Best regards,

Andreas F. Widmer, MD, MS
for Swissnoso