What does Swissnoso stand for?

Swissnoso is the association of leading professionals in the fields of infectious diseases and infection prevention. Swissnoso is a non-profit organization and prepares national projects and policies.

Swissnoso was created in 1994 on the recommendation of the Federal Office of Public Health in order to create guidelines for fighting nosocomial infections and antibiotic resistance in the Swiss healthcare system, to adapt international guidelines to our nation’s needs, and to inform about current developments in infection prevention.

All directors of the infection prevention programs at the five university hospitals and certain heads of hospital hygiene in large cantonal hospitals are members of Swissnoso. By virtue of the academic background of its members, Swissnoso is a national and international leader in quantitative and qualitative research regarding infection surveillance, infection prevention and infection control. This is documented by numerous publications in the scientific literature.

The members of Swissnoso are well-connected, both nationally and internationally. Also, they are all members of the Swiss Society for Infectious Diseases and the Swiss Society for Hospital Hygiene, respectively. Swissnoso provides several board members for both organizations.